Imagefilm for BASF. Sound-Design by Torsten Strer.

"We put a unique thought experiment in motion. What would the first velocipede have looked like in 1865 if today's modern materials had been available to the pioneers of the bicycle? Along with the design studio DING3000, BASF has developed a state-of-the-art velocipede based on state-of-the-art materials science. This innovative prototype rhymes with the geometry and functionality of the early velocipede. BASF is not trying to reinvent the wheel with its "Concept 1865" design study. On the contrary, with "Rethinking Materials" as it slogan, this unusual e-bike is an invitation extended to customers and interested parties alike to collaborate with the company in the development of new applications and product ideas based on modern plastics." —  NORD NORD




Gaffer: Benjamin Erdenberger
Best Boy: Oliver Schorch
Costume Design & Styling: Laura Yen Alswede
Runner: David Turner
Post Production: Nord Nord
Matte Painting: Igor Medvedev
Rotoscoping: Dariusz Poroszewski, Marco Bianco
Music: Sven Kaiser
Sound Design: Torsten Strer
Voice Over: Ben Posener
Sound Mastering: Dirk Austen

Client: BASF
Agency: DING3000
Production: Nord Nord
Directed by: Nord Nord, Kai Uwe Lipphardt
Storyboard: Caspar David Engstfeld
Inventor: Raoul Faidi
Scientists: Wolf List
Photographer: Kai Uwe Lipphardt
DoP: Felix Kahlo
Camera Assistant: Michael Wersing
Set Production Assistant: Lydia Lipphardt
Technical Director: Michael Wersing